Long-term rental

Long-term rental

This is an offer of financing company cars, supplemented with professional management services. It allows you to arrange a modern fleet of vehicles without the need for a one-off expenditure of considerable funds.

By choosing this variant, you minimize your prime costs, at the same time making full use of the tangible assets, availing of all the benefits resulting from the fiscal regulations. This is a perfect solution for companies who want to focus exclusively on the use of their vehicles, without worrying about the obligations resulting from their operation.  This solution additionally includes:

  • Expert advice by the PMG Service Centers’ professionals;
  • Competitive insurance packages;
  • 24/7 assistance;
  • Courtesy cars at your disposal;
  • Fuel card management;
  • Professional fleet advice.

Vehicle operation is based on fixed monthly fees, whose rates depend primarily on contract duration. Specific contract details are adjusted to the business and clients’ needs.

From the legal and accounting perspective, long-term rental is treated like an operating lease with additional services. The object of a lease contract (a car) is considered an asset of the lessor who records depreciation. The vehicle rental fees are considered the user’s cost of revenue, in line with the terms and conditions specified in the Corporate Income Tax Law.


  • Comprehensive combination of financing and full service of company fleet;
  • A number of services facilitating company car use and management;
  • Flexible offer allowing you to use only selected services;
  • Full mobility thanks to a quick and efficient fleet service;
  • Smooth budgeting thanks to monthly fees;
  • The residual value risk remains with PMG