Years of experience helped us develop our own quality strategy – PMGMOTO+, applicable to all vehicles we promote. The knowledge we have gained allows us to guarantee the best service to our customers.

We know which models were or are popular on a specific market. We also know where to look for them. We know how to find true rarities – legendary models, well cared-for and pampered by their owners, true connoisseurs – and serially manufactured, well-equipped, updated models. Our guarantee is based on a strict multi-level technical and legal control. The strength of our company and the safety of our customers come from many years of experience and absolute commitment of our staff. Our superior goal is to provide our customers with reliable and tested solutions.


Our PMGMOTO+ quality Strategy involves:

  • Carfax and Authocheck reports;
  • Service analysis by our qualified specialists;
  • Formal and legal verification of vehicles;
  • A network of highly qualified vehicle assessors.


List of certification program – PMGMOTO+.